2005 - "YOUR LANGUAGE" CD, Fargo Records, France

2004 - "THE DEATH OF SONG" CD-LP, Orange Recordings, http://www.orangerecordings.com

2003 - "THE DEATH OF SONG" CD-LP, Mazri Records, Japan (www.mazri.com)

2003 - "THE DEATH OF SONG" CD-LP, Fargo Records, France (www.fargorecords.com)

2002 - “LAZY SUSAN”/”GOOD FEELING” 7”single, High Maintenance Records (http://www.grunnenrocks.com)

2000 - “LIFE IS STILL SWEET” CD-EP, Orange Recordings, http://www.orangerecordings.com

1999 - "XMAS FOR X-SAKE" track for VPRO Dutch radio compilation

1997 - “TO SIR W/ LOVE”/"LET ME DRIVE YOUR CAR" & "IF DRINKIN' DON'T KILL ME..." 7”single, Super 8 Records, POB 4023 Boston, MA 02101

1997 - “NATIONAL CHAIN” CD- LP, Matador Records, http://www.matadorrecords.com

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